Why I’m doing this weblog.

whyAs a follow-up to the opening post on this blog, I like to answer a question I’ve got from several people IRL: why am I starting yet another blog (YAB)? The short answer is: to scratch an itch 🙂

The longer answer: I’m not doing this, thinking I’ll launch the next big influential weblog. I’m not an investigative reporter, nor do I intend to comment on all the things that go on in the world today, although I do have my opinion on certain things. The simple fact is that I like to write (especially in English, as a non-English native speaker). It also helps me to solidify some of my ideas and thoughts into coherent representations, for lack of daring to call it stories. Besides that, I’m always ‘doing things’ that other people like to know about and ask me about, so why not write those answers and explanations as blog posts for a slightly wider audience. And in writing those things down, I better my skills in writing English. So if you feel inclined to comment on my sentences, grammar and/or punctuation, be my guest, I’m always open to learn something.

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