The obligatory ‘first post’…

Welcome‘Hello world’… That is the almost compulsive first statement (to be generated with software), learned by software developers in the making, and since has made it’s way into the world of online writing as the obligatory first post. So much so that it’s the demo first post that appears after installing WordPress (which runs this blog, obviously).

However, I wanted this first post to have a bit more substance, so here goes 🙂

I will continue with another overused line: Welcome to my new weblog. Over the years I’ve done some weblogging here and there, and there’s still a weblog section on the Mind|Construct website. As I divide my professional time between being an entrepreneur, a independent scientific researcher and a technology trendwatcher, the scope of this blog will mainly focus on several aspects of technology. You can expect articles on Artificial Intelligence, software engineering and development, personal process and management, tips on applications and plugins, and a lot more (I hope).

So I’m looking forward to seeing you here regularly, and I’m hoping to have some nice discussions in the article’s comments over time. So, in the future-historical words of Captain Picard: Engage!

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