About this blog…


What is this blog about

There are no real limits on what this blog is about, but mainly it’s about technology, how it impacts our life and subsequently how we can get the most or best out of using technology in our everyday life. Besides that, you’ll find posts about software engineering and quality assurance, artificial intelligence and a lot of science that goes with it, personal process stuff like Getting Things Done and similar models and ideas but also photography, driving (fast) motorbikes and making electronic music. Well, just to give you an initial idea 😉

You won’t find the ‘quick shot’ short blog entries with ‘Look what I’ve found’ and then a link to some YouTube video, although there will be some videos posted as well. This blog however, is aiming at longer articles, reviews and tutorials that have substance and give insight into the matter at hand. Because of that, posting frequency is aimed at once a week with sometimes an additional post in one week and sometimes a week skipped.

How do I keep up with new articles

You can always subscribe through the site’s RSS-feed, but new articles will also be announced on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Why is it in English

This was a tough decision, as many Dutch people will obvioulsy come here through links on other Dutch webpages. However, because of the participation on many English-language websites and fora over the many years, writing this blog in Dutch would limit it’s information to a fairly small group of followers, while most Dutch followers are from business and scientific realms where English is the standard for most communications and people are expected to be very proficient, or at least literate, in the English language.